Have you ever wondered why the same injury keeps coming back?

Many times we are looking at the area that is over used and inflamed. Dave Gottfeld uses a principal based approach to look at why too much stress was placed on the irritated area. Dave works in conjunction with the Physical Therapist, Physical Trainer, Orthopedist, Chiropractor, and Osteopath to identify the cause of the injury not just the symptoms.

What sets Dave’s services apart from other practitioners is that he will develop and tailor an exercise regimen unique to the individual. Dave will give you specific exercises that will address the root cause of your injury. Top therapy clinics, universities, and  private schools around the country have adopted some of his unique exercises to  prevent injuries for their patients and athletes.

David W. Gottfeld

ACSM Fellow of AFS MAT

Injury Prevention and Post-Rehabilitative consultant for The St. Albans School and Georgetown Prep: graduated from Frostburg State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness in 1994. Since then Dave has been on a journey seeking out new information and thought processes in the field of injury prevention and human performance. He has studied directly under some of the greatest minds in the fields of fitness and rehabilitative training. They include Greg Roskopf, Tom Purvis, Lenny Parracino, and most recently Gary Gray. Since completing a 10-month mentorship with Gary Gray, Dave spends time in Los Angeles working with and studying under Lenny Parracino. Dave uses an integrative approach to identify weak links in the human body. Dave is mentoring several trainers in the area on the principals of Applied Functional Science and Chain Reaction Biomechanics. Dave lives by the motto “You are never an expert. You are always a student!”

Dave is also the developer and President of Kinesio Capture. Kinesio Capture is a new video analysis software that allow you to evaluate movement in an authentic environment.

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