Sports Science

Transitional Rehab - Return to Play Add On

This additional testing battery is necessary if you are an athlete coming out of physical therapy for a lower body injury.  With this additional service we will increase our monitoring frequency and depth.  Assessing and reporting on sport specific qualities as well as limb and jump phase asymmetries.  As you progress through the late stages of rehab and prepare to return to sport, this assessment frequency will provide a safer ramp up of sport specific qualities.

Cost – $100/Month


Full Sport Biomechanical Analysis

A comprehensive look at an athletes speed strength and endurance capabilities.  Specific testing battery will be based on the demands of the athletes primary and secondary sport.  Typical assessments include: Counter Movement Jump – Squat Jump – Reactive Drop Jump – Vertical and Horizontal Force Velocity Profiling – 30:15 Intermittent Running Test 

Cost – $360/4 Pack (Good for 12 Months)

Team Readiness and Injury Surveillance

This is an open ended service for teams looking to protect athletes from injury in-season while optimizing on field performance.  Each team situation is customizable however a typical relationship consists of baseline neuromuscular profiling coupled with regular testing and training load monitoring throughout the season.

Cost – (Price Contingent on Team Size and Level of Involvement)