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Advanced Clinics

High SchoolMar 10-May 19 (10 weeks)Tuesdays 6:15-7:30pm$350
Middle SchoolMar 8-May 24 (10 weeks)Sundays 1:15-2:30pm$350
Middle School Level 2Mar 10-May 19 (10 weeks)Tuesdays 6:15-7:30pm$350
Goalie training (7th-11th)Mar 10-May 19 (10 weeks)Tuesdays 6:15-7:30pm$350

Our advanced clinics are for players with at least two years of team playing experience. We will refine individual stick skills to ensure that players can do basic skills at speed, and we will continue to introduce more advanced skills and how to apply them in game settings. We will also work on developing a strong presence on the field by working on effective communication, positioning, vision and decision making.

Intermediate Skills and Scrimmage

2nd-5th Grade IntermediateMar 10-May 19 (10 Weeks)Tuesdays 5:00-6:15pm$350
5th-8th Grade IntermediateMar 10-May 19 (10 Weeks)Tuesdays 5:00-6:15pm$350
5th-8th Grade IntermediateMar 8-May 24 (10 Weeks)Sundays 12:00-1:15pm$350
High School IntermediateMar 8-May 24 (10 Weeks)Sundays 1:15-2:30pm$350

The Skills and Scrimmage clinics are designed for players with a few years of field hockey experience who are looking to work on their stickwork as well as develop individual skills such as dodging, drives, passing, positioning and field vision. Game situation drills and scrimmages will help players improve their skills in a fun environment that teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and a love for the game.

Introductory Field Hockey

2nd-5th Grade IntroductoryMar 8-May 24 (10 Weeks)Sundays 10:00-11:00am$285
6th-9th Grade IntroductoryMar 8-May 24 (10 Weeks)Sundays 11:00-12:00pm$285

Our introductory field hockey clinics are for beginner and first year players. Clinics focus on the fundamentals with a primary emphasis on body positioning, ball control, dribbling, passing and receiving. Players also gain game awareness through guided scrimmages.